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Reference Photos for Silent Night - For game spotters.

The two collage images are my reference sheets for Silent Night. It's a much loved building, up at Duloe, after featuring in The Lost Crown. No one wants to see 'gamey' versions of the Crown locations, so it was important to realise this first 3D experiment as closely as possible. 

Silent Night - Festive Launch 20th December


TLC Silent Night - Fixing puzzles and adding final details.

Here's a couple of grabs from the weekend. I really like the look of the ancestry puzzle, but it's been a pain to program. Instead, I've gone with a simpler puzzle. A shame, but at least it looks nice.

Also, Nigel's corner of the Vestry needed to be pimped up a bit. Feedback suggested it needed to be more 'ghost-hunty', as it was a bit plain, with no real incentive to play around on the Environmeter. That was a problem, as most of the cool visitations are seen via the CCTV unit. The whole area now feels more interactive and updates as the case evolves. A good place for hints. So, basically it's gone from zero to hero, in a few hours.

Also, the photos pinned to the walls are all real, taken over the years while visiting St.Cuby's at Duloe. It's the psychical inspiration for Northfield Church, and the comparisons between reality and my CG world are really strong. No-one wants a Crown game NOT set in real places, so this has been a happy medium for me.