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A treasure arrives in Athens; Sadly not the Elgin Marbles.

I love this bit of news, regarding the recently released Pins & Needles Limited Edition. It's where number 0001 ended up. I was thrilled, when the first order came in...obviously,...but was even more surprised to see 'where' it was going. Athens no less. Who says self-publishing can't be glam! Take a look at these shots of the Erechtheum:

Gorgeous Models with fabulous poses: I must thank Aya of Just Adventure and his girlfriend for modelling Dark Fall is such an attractive fashion...and, what's that I spy...a T-Shirt sporting the artwork from The Lost Crown. Crumbs. This all makes rainy Cornwall look a bit drab in comparison. Athens is the place to be.

Lastly, here's the second photo, just to finish off this short blog. It's been a real pleasure, to send out all the game packs. Part of the fun of self-publishing a title is NOT having any expectations of where the packages will end up. So, these photos have been a real treat.

Thanks for reading, and taking …

Dark Fall News & GhostWatch 2

Oiling the wheels of the (cottage) Industry.

I’m glad to say all the pre-ordered Pins & Needles have made their way out into the big wide world. Packaged with care, carried to the Looe Post Office and taken away by the man in the red van. Goodbye all you pins; goodbye all you needles!

It’s been a fun process, putting the units together and sending them on their way. I debated, with myself, whether it was necessary to include a shrink-wrap...around the box...but then thought about how wasteful it was. You know about shrink-wrap, it’s that annoying cellophane that you struggle with on DVD boxes. It’s horrible stuff. But, I do remember, back in 2001, a man on a well-known Adventure Forum complaining that his game had arrived but “it isn’t shrink-wrapped, I want a NEW copy”. I thought it was odd at the time, but have grown to realise that Shrink-Wrap = New. It’s not actually’s actually just shrink-wrap...but, who can fight just strongly held opinions. Plus...

I’m trying, with s…