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Friday the 13th and the Seventh Window.

Winter is upon us. The light fades so fast, at this time of year. Night descends with the fog, as something crawls from a damp, dark cave....

Hurrah! The job is done.

An extraordinary amount of time has been spent finishing off Dark Fall - Lost Souls and testing it on Windows 7. I seem to pick release dates at the worst possible time! Last time, it was finishing The Lost Crown, and getting it to work on (the dreaded) Windows Vista. But, I am pleased to report there are no issues with Windows 7 and Lost Souls. It looks and sounds great, in fact, I just wish I'd pick better timing.

A Global Release

The plan, with the release of Lost Souls, is to make it as available as possible, to as many people as possible (wherever in the world they may be). Coordinating something like this is extremely tricky...but fun. The last thing I would ever want was for anyone to think I was ignoring them!

So, a new plan was needed. It came about after giving up on my hunt for a good, honest, US publisher. …