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Dark Fall III, Church Ghosts and The Ancient Cult of Lamanna.

Thought I'd drop by, with an update, about life down here in creepy Cornwall...

Dark Fall III:

It's been a busy early Autumn, with work on Dark Fall III coming together; the screenplay received a raking over, to concentrate the story, and create a spookier atmosphere. So far, tone-wise, the third game is remarkably similar to Dark Fall; a non-linear ghost story with a beginning, a middle and an end, which is something that's hard to pull off. I love hearing from gamers, with tales of how they progressed through the games, as it gets me thinking "hmm, I never thought they'd try that!". It's great. I can only create the setting, the stage as it were, and add a few pointers here and there, but it is the player who imagines all the ghastly ghouls, ghosts and phantoms hidden in the shadows.I guess that was the strength of Dark Fall 1, the lack of visible activity and film soundtrack...less is more, is the well used phrase that springs to mind. I love all those o…