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Halloween 2010 - Filming 'Blair Witch' Style Teaser Trailers

Halloween - Filming 'Blair Witch' Style Teaser Trailers

"There's many things, dangerous things, out there, on the moor. Don't disrespect the land, and you should be alright" - Advice from a moorland farmer, at night, on Bodmin Moor.

"Something a bit different, maybe live action" was the request, from Shadow Tor Studios, when discussing ideas for the Bracken Tor teaser trailers. Hurrah! Different is exciting. So is taking part on a live action shoot. The usual gameplay videos and screenshots would promote the new adventure, upon release, but 'something a bit different' would break the mould a little, and certainly be exciting to make. Filming, after dark, out on the moor, Blair Witch style! Here's the story…

The Plan - To film three teaser trailers for the new supernatural thriller Bracken Tor - The Time of Tooth and Claw. Each teaser would follow a particular character, on the night of the Winter Solstice -

The Hiker - A un-named man has l…

Beasts, bugs and Bracken Tor…


It seems like an age since I last scribbled a blog, so without further ado…

Beasts - The Mysterious Beasts Research Group (based on Bodmin Moor!), invited some of us disbelievers and sceptics along to a 'tracking night', two evenings ago. The idea was to camp out, in the woods near Golitha Falls, to experience what the group get up to in an evening. The woods flank one edge, the wilder side, of the famous Bodmin Moor (Jamaica Inn, 'Beast of Bodmin Moor' and of course, Matilda Fly's very own 'Two Faced-Bride of Bodmin Moor'). For more pics, try this Google search: Bodmin Moor.

The Moor - It's an ancient place, of whispering reeds and weather beaten trees, all shaped by the weather, history and personality of the place. But, it wasn't always like that. The moor is actually a man-made environment, shaped over thousands of years; there was once a wild, dense and dark forest, where old mine buildings now stand, naked to the elements. Think 'Fangorn F…

Big Apple & Japanese Dumplings

Big Apple with a side of Japanese Dumplings

Phew! It's hot in the city, and absolutely brilliant. Like any big city, it is impossible to see everything, you'd need to, in one weekend...but I'm trying!

So far, the adventure has been a naughty mix of total food indulgence,and clubbing till dawn; 90's hard house, in the gloriously named 'Meat Packing District'. Oh, and I took a peek at Times Square, Broadway and hid from the sun in Greenwich Village. All super.

Broadway was quite a surpise, actually. It has managed to retain a noirish 30's feel that felt very timeless. Christopher Walken and Lucy Liu were getting huge cheers, as they left thier respective shows...(no sneaking out of the rear stage door in this town!)

The scene was also enhancedby the pressence of the service personel (army, navy), who were gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend. They looked very fine, in thier uniforms and bright White caps, and managed to look very dignified, even after a few…

Lost in the Fog; Where has everybody gone…?

I am off to the USA THIS weekend!

This is something I have been looking forward to my entire life, so it’s making me feel dizzy and thrilled all at the same time. It’s a shame my trip is to settle a legal case, but I will get to look around New York for a while, so I’m ready for anything.

If there’s anybody out there, in New York or Connecticut, that fancies hooking up and having a beer, please DO write and let me know. Right here, on the blog is the best place to contact me, as I won’t have email access as such. Quite honestly, I would really like to meet some people, so spread the word to those who don’t dig through the blogs! There must be someone who fancies a natter?

Without some local knowledge it’s likely I’ll just sit in the Holiday Inn, and stare out of the window in absolute terror at the bustling world outside. I’ve seen so many corners and sights of the USA, on TV and in film, it will be a truly mind-blowing experience; I’ll probably think I’m playing some sort of Big App…

Saxton: Up for sale!


After several months of mystery, the fate of Saxton’s ‘Harbour Cottage’, (home to ghost-hunter Nigel Danvers in The Lost Crown) has been revealed.

Studio Cottage, Polperro, is up for sale. For anyone that may be interested in viewing the place, I’ll mention that the interior of the cottage bears no resemblance to the fictional ‘Harbour Cottage’, (which is probably a very good thing!). Instead, it’s actually a rather tiny holiday cottage, with frilly florals and orange pine furniture; so it really couldn’t be more different to the dank, dark and rather miserable cottage, experienced by Nigel, during his adventures.

Click the image too see the 'sales' listing and interior photos.
Warning: Floral fabric and pine furniture may be seen.

I’m unsure how long the cottage will be available for, or whether the auction has come and gone, but if you’re in the area, and have a soft spot for Polperro’s most painted and photographed house, now is the time to make your move.

While wandering …

The Lost Souls - Find Awards!

There have been two awards for Lost Souls, which is wonderful news! I am especially pleased to receive the ‘Best Sound Design’ this year, as I feel a lot of work, by both myself and Ben Gammons, went into making Lost Souls as detailed and disturbing as possible.

The other award was for Best First Person Adventure! An amazing accolade, given how stiff the competition was this year. A quick glance around the forums reveals how many new adventure games were released last year, (including official boxed versions in the USA, something that has so-far eluded Lost Souls). It’s wonderful to see so many big games appearing, as some factions within the press STILL state the genre is dead. Same old, same old. But, with so many new, top notch productions titles in the pipeline, I hope the genre finally proves it is far from dead.

There seem to be quite a few ‘ghost-hunting adventures’ on the horizon, which is interesting to see. It is not hard to imagine the success of The Lost Crown has generat…

Spring in Cornwall: Tis bright and luverly.

Early Spring for Cornwall.

Taking a walk down through Duloe, and Stocks Lane, this afternoon revealed Spring has come early to Cornwall. We managed to avoid the blizzards and snow fall this last Winter, which may explain why everything is sprouting into life, and the bird life is as lively as a bright May afternoon. The sun was warm, leaving long shadows across the landscape, with some hillsides still in total shadow; the sun has yet to touch those dark, damp places, where bracken is stirring into life, and snowdrops speckle the leaf mulch beneath the foot.

The loggers have thinned the Stocks Wood, so it is no longer the dark, thick pine forest it once was. Some will know these woods as ‘Carrion Woods’, from The Lost Crown, but may not recognise them at all. The trucks and diggers have made a terrible mess of the woods, and lane, carving away old stone walls to make paths for their diesel guzzling monsters.

I was reminded, while passing through, of those early scenes in Watership Down,…