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Big Apple & Japanese Dumplings

Big Apple with a side of Japanese Dumplings

Phew! It's hot in the city, and absolutely brilliant. Like any big city, it is impossible to see everything, you'd need to, in one weekend...but I'm trying!

So far, the adventure has been a naughty mix of total food indulgence,and clubbing till dawn; 90's hard house, in the gloriously named 'Meat Packing District'. Oh, and I took a peek at Times Square, Broadway and hid from the sun in Greenwich Village. All super.

Broadway was quite a surpise, actually. It has managed to retain a noirish 30's feel that felt very timeless. Christopher Walken and Lucy Liu were getting huge cheers, as they left thier respective shows...(no sneaking out of the rear stage door in this town!)

The scene was also enhancedby the pressence of the service personel (army, navy), who were gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend. They looked very fine, in thier uniforms and bright White caps, and managed to look very dignified, even after a few…

Lost in the Fog; Where has everybody gone…?

I am off to the USA THIS weekend!

This is something I have been looking forward to my entire life, so it’s making me feel dizzy and thrilled all at the same time. It’s a shame my trip is to settle a legal case, but I will get to look around New York for a while, so I’m ready for anything.

If there’s anybody out there, in New York or Connecticut, that fancies hooking up and having a beer, please DO write and let me know. Right here, on the blog is the best place to contact me, as I won’t have email access as such. Quite honestly, I would really like to meet some people, so spread the word to those who don’t dig through the blogs! There must be someone who fancies a natter?

Without some local knowledge it’s likely I’ll just sit in the Holiday Inn, and stare out of the window in absolute terror at the bustling world outside. I’ve seen so many corners and sights of the USA, on TV and in film, it will be a truly mind-blowing experience; I’ll probably think I’m playing some sort of Big App…