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The Secrets of the Gravestones - Duloe


The Ultimate Lost Crown Quiz - The Results and Answers!

It's Friday the 13th, day has turned to evening, so it's time to pick the winners of The Ultimate Lost Crown Quiz!!! Drum roll please....

 Winners will recieve an email, with your exclusive STEAM code. Thanks for playing!!

Here are the answers, in case anyone was wondering.

WIN the new 'Enhanced' edition of The Lost Crown.


Here's a fun chance to win one of 5 STEAM keys, for The Lost Crown. It's a tricksy QUIZ. I've created the questions myself. Some are easy, some are less so. You don't have to get them all right, but the top scorers will be entered into a hat....

... and drawn on Friday evening, the 13th! Last entry will be Friday, at six o'clock, GMT.

Answer the questions, add an email adress and I'll mark your score sheets. Good luck!

Re-discovering the Lost Crown