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Halloween 2010 - Filming 'Blair Witch' Style Teaser Trailers

Halloween - Filming 'Blair Witch' Style Teaser Trailers

"There's many things, dangerous things, out there, on the moor. Don't disrespect the land, and you should be alright" - Advice from a moorland farmer, at night, on Bodmin Moor.

"Something a bit different, maybe live action" was the request, from Shadow Tor Studios, when discussing ideas for the Bracken Tor teaser trailers. Hurrah! Different is exciting. So is taking part on a live action shoot. The usual gameplay videos and screenshots would promote the new adventure, upon release, but 'something a bit different' would break the mould a little, and certainly be exciting to make. Filming, after dark, out on the moor, Blair Witch style! Here's the story…

The Plan - To film three teaser trailers for the new supernatural thriller Bracken Tor - The Time of Tooth and Claw. Each teaser would follow a particular character, on the night of the Winter Solstice -

The Hiker - A un-named man has l…