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'The Last Crown ' Debut Screens

Debut screenshots! It had to happen eventually, so the end of the long August Bank Holiday Weekend seems a good a time as any. I've been keeping things very close to my chest, of late, so it's great to finally let a bit of Saxton leak out, into the world. It's a bit painful, as I can't help sense there are spoilers (the bane of many producers these days) soaked into every scene. But, I can't be overly protective, 'cos that would be silly. So, here's the first set of screens from 'The Last Crown - Haunting of Hallowed Isle'. Hurrah!

This shot is new, as you can see. I wanted to freshen the place up, after The Lost Crown,meaning an extensive re-shoot of ALL locations was required. I wanted a higher resolution too, to get more detail on screen. So, it gave me a chance to seek out some lesser known corners, while also begging for new angles. The only way to photograph Polperro (Saxton's real-life double), is to get very high or very low. So, talk…