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Alien Big Cat in Cornwall!

Big Cat Sighting in Cornwall? Real or hoax?

A recent edition of The Fortean Times featured this article on ‘The Beast of Sandplace’; a big cat sighting, or ABC as they are also known.

Sandplace is a small hamlet just outside Looe; known mostly for its train station, and old canal, which forms part of the Looe Valley Line. It is a picturesque rail line, which travels from the old market town of Liskeard, then through the rural landscape of Saint Keyne, the marshy bogs at Causleand (well known to Lost Crown fans as Northfield Junction), and finally, the train skims the edge of the West Looe Estuary, with it’s Little Egrets, Heron colonies, kingfishers, spoonbills and buzzards! Quite a trip.

But, in all my time travelling the line I have yet to see the Beast of Sandplace! The lucky Farleigh’s got to spot the big, black monster, on a holiday trip to Looe, and were able to take a photo.

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The scan is from the October edition of The Fortean Times (F…