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The Lost Souls - Find Awards!

There have been two awards for Lost Souls, which is wonderful news! I am especially pleased to receive the ‘Best Sound Design’ this year, as I feel a lot of work, by both myself and Ben Gammons, went into making Lost Souls as detailed and disturbing as possible.

The other award was for Best First Person Adventure! An amazing accolade, given how stiff the competition was this year. A quick glance around the forums reveals how many new adventure games were released last year, (including official boxed versions in the USA, something that has so-far eluded Lost Souls). It’s wonderful to see so many big games appearing, as some factions within the press STILL state the genre is dead. Same old, same old. But, with so many new, top notch productions titles in the pipeline, I hope the genre finally proves it is far from dead.

There seem to be quite a few ‘ghost-hunting adventures’ on the horizon, which is interesting to see. It is not hard to imagine the success of The Lost Crown has generat…

Spring in Cornwall: Tis bright and luverly.

Early Spring for Cornwall.

Taking a walk down through Duloe, and Stocks Lane, this afternoon revealed Spring has come early to Cornwall. We managed to avoid the blizzards and snow fall this last Winter, which may explain why everything is sprouting into life, and the bird life is as lively as a bright May afternoon. The sun was warm, leaving long shadows across the landscape, with some hillsides still in total shadow; the sun has yet to touch those dark, damp places, where bracken is stirring into life, and snowdrops speckle the leaf mulch beneath the foot.

The loggers have thinned the Stocks Wood, so it is no longer the dark, thick pine forest it once was. Some will know these woods as ‘Carrion Woods’, from The Lost Crown, but may not recognise them at all. The trucks and diggers have made a terrible mess of the woods, and lane, carving away old stone walls to make paths for their diesel guzzling monsters.

I was reminded, while passing through, of those early scenes in Watership Down,…

The Sound of Dark Fall Itself, by the Lost Souls.

The Dark Fall – Lost Souls Soundtrack CD has finally been finalised. It’s a 23 track collection of music from the latest game, by myself and composer Ben Gammons. The styles are mixed, just like the game itself, so expect some nostalgic soundscapes, urban horrors, and of course, little Amy herself, singing some of her little ditties. It’s a surprisingly coherent listen, given that two of us worked on the soundtrack, and surprisingly relaxing!

My favourite are:

Power Returns: A kind of broken remix of the original Dark Fall theme; back in 2000, it was pleasant piece of harp music, by my friend Kevin MacNaughton, where as ‘Lost Souls’ sees the thing bent into a badly tuned nightmare, all broken plucks and discordant twangs. It’s not an uncomfortable listen; it’s just very appropriate for Lost Souls. Listen out for the whispered words, too!

The Sly Fox: One of Ben’s quirkier tracks, as heard in Gloria’s mad car journey. It’s kind of 60’s spy movie, meets Pink Panther, and is always a deli…