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Digest - Witches, Blackenrock, Polperro, Ghosts, Pirates and Dark Fall

Witches -

There's a lot of witch-lore and history, good and bad, in Blackenrock. Saxton has a dark past, when it comes to persecution, much like any English town. There were barbaric trials and executions, normally around the area now called 'Maiden Square'.

There are some, in Saxton, who are less keen to go digging up details about who the witches were, and what happened to them. Unlike much of England, some Saxton folk continued to persecute wiccans long after the 17th century witch-hunting heyday. In fact, there are some (boo, hiss) that still think we 'shouldn't suffer a witch to live'. Troubling times for those who practise 'the art'.

A Polperro Voyage -
Polperro, (the nearby Cornish village utilised as a backdrop for the Crown games), is no stranger to talk of witches and weird goings on. Joan the Wad is a piskie wood sprite, whose image is depicted on ornaments and art, from door knockers to coat hooks. Also, quite famous, is the ghost of Willy W…