Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Last Crown - Explores Psychometry & The Detective.

A new year! Brand, spanking new. Hurrah!

With a New Year comes a few updates, changes and announcements. So, without further ado, here's the news, from me and Darkling Room.

I've launched a proper mini-site for The Last Crown - Haunting of Hallowed Isle, in anticipation of an Easter release, this year. Sorry for disappointing, in 2010. Pretty much everyone knows how release dates get moved around; put back, shunted about, abused, ignored, tortured, rubbished….but, the games do appear on store shelves. Sooner, rather than later…I hope.

In the meantime, I've created a mini-adventure to explore the world of…

It's a warm, dark night in Saxton...

But, what is Psychometry? How does it work? And…is it a load of old cobblers?

What is Psychometry? - Psychometry, also known as token-object reading, is a form of extra-sensory perception characterised by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object. Supporters assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that object's history. (Wikipedia)

Basically, you sense 'things' from objects.

Something is going on in Saxton...can Psychmetry help? Click to find out.

How does Psychometry work? - Well, like all funky psychic stuff, it's rather 'out there', in terms of scientific explanations, but bear with. Psychometry is the practise of 'reading' the energy fields, stored (or trapped) within an inanimate object. Some claim you can 'see' or feel the history of the object, aspects of previous owners and glimpses into the world in which it has travelled. Exciting stuff! Some of you have, no doubt, seen some Psychometry on the ghost-hunting and 'unsolved crime' shows. Usually, an object is handed to a medium, with no prior knowledge of the object.

Something is going on in Saxton...can Psychmetry help? Click to find out.

Their task is to pick up on any residual energy left over from previous owners. Weapons, photos, jewellery and personal items often make good objects; they carry more energy, or the medium can invent a better story. Either way, I find it all very interesting, as I've dabbled a bit in this field, allowing me to see some surprisingly good results. I'm not saying I am a 100% percent, paid-up member of the Psychometry Gang (they wouldn't have me!), but I do believe in the power of the mind, to decypher clues and make connections. I think of those skills as detective work, rather than anything supernatural… but, we should not ignore our instincts. Perhaps they tell us far more than we would think? Basically, take it seriously, and you may be surprised.

Psychometry and The Last Crown - Nigel and Lucy are a team, a good team, with Nanny Noah as ghost-hunting advisor (boss!). But, they do like to do things differently. Nigel thinks, and has been told, that he has 'The Gift'. He's psychic! Nanny Noah is helping Nigel reach his full potential, as she knows her powers alone will not be enough to stop the on-coming darkness.

We've seen, in the previous game, that Nigel can 'time-jump'; pass from one time to another, in the blink of an eye. He is a time sensitive, which means he sees things differently from everyone else. Peoples and places from the past merge with the world of 'now', which Nigel is able to 'see' and explore. Objects are no different. With a little effort and focus, Nigel can see many layers of activity and history which others may not.

Something is going on in Saxton...can Psychmetry help? Click to find out.

Lucy, on the otherhand, is more practically inclined. She's a detective. She likes rational, logical explanations as to 'why things happen'. It's not that she doesn't believe in strange forces, but she'd rather exhaust the obvious first, before jumping on the paranormal band-wagon (what a ride!). Instead, Lucy will spend her time, with the object, studying the details left behind by previous owners. Scuffs, wear and tear, dirt, blood, grime…etc etc. There are plenty of tell-tale signs and clues, if you look hard enough.

Together, Nigel and Lucy make a formidable force! But, will it be enough, for Nanny Noah? It seems not. She is planning on hosting many more Psychic Detection Evenings, at The Bear Inn, on Saxton Harbour. It's certainly a great setting for paranormal nights, when Morgan Mankle isn't fussing about the place (she's rather busy of late, with her book!). The first session has already come and gone, (you missed it!), but there are further sessions planned for the coming months. Nanny Noah is looking for new recruits, so you could stand a good chance, if you 'read' the objects correctly.

It's a warm, dark night in Saxton...

Tip: Some objects are employed as 'Testers'; Nanny Noah already knows a bit about those objects, so will be looking for you to help corroborate her findings. But, what she doesn't know is the fact that ALL objects have a story, no matter how old, new or obscure. Perhaps your powers, whether they are Psychic or Detective, will provide clues unknown to Saxton's much-loved wicca? Give it a go.

There's also the chance to get some hefty hints as to the nature of the next story!


P.s. Happy New Year! It's going to be a good one for Darkling Room, after a year of legal cases against previous publishers; Got Game Entertainment & Mamba Games, Lace Mamba and Lace Mamba Global, (plenty of different company names to keep the opposing lawyers going in circles). But, who cares about greedy men, in bad suits, when I create games for a living? Best job in the world. Time to make some adventures!

Here's to 2011...!!!