Real world vs. Game World - Church Building

Northfield Church is based on St.Cuby's at Duloe, Cornwall. Lots of gamers have great memories of this place, so it was important to get it right, for Silent Night.

I've taken a lot of photos over the years, having visited the church for the last 15 years. I've walked about, the inside and out, in all seasons, including two occasions with snow.  It's been a pleasure to re-create, and present as a location in a ghost story. The north wind will blow, we shall have snow.

Wrap up warm.

TLC - Silent Night - Game Play Modes

A quick look at Silent Night, and the various game play modes. Full exploration on controller or Keyboard/Mouse, or a classic adventure Point and Click style.

Silent Night - A Ghost Story For Christmas (TLC2.5)

There is a 'presence' haunting the long forgotten church at 'Northfield'. Angry spirits seek revenge for an ancient crime, from the terrible time of The Black Death. Ghost-hunter, Nigel Danvers, has been sent to investigate the case, using his kitbag of ghost-hunting gadgets, on the loneliest night of the year.

Silent Night - on STEAM

A new 'Lost Crown' Winter Special is coming this December!

It is more than likely that Nigel will make his way to Blackenrock* before the first snow fall, but just in case, the moment has been prepared for, with a brand new, sparkly instalment of the popular 'ghost hunting' adventure games.

Do you believe in ghosts? You know, the old fashioned kind, like the Gray Lady, the hooded monk or the disappearing child?
Silent Night is a classic ghost story, involving ghost hunting tech and detective work. The old Parish Records hold a thousand years of history, from births, deaths and marriages to... secrets best forgotten.

The Setti…

Green Children of Woolpit

Animating this fellow over the w/e, for a TLC story based on the Green Children of Woolpit. Worth checking out, if you like weird rural stories.

It'll be a fun Quest, I hope, with good sound and music to back it up (my anims need that! Ha ha) It won't be perfect, they never are, but hey ho, the wind and the rain, 'cos the rain it raineth everyday.


Blackenrock Breakfast, Glastonbury for Lunch and Dinner on the Pier.


Bold as brass - TLC2 - Vintage Ghost Hunting


Blackenrock Late Summer + Updated Map + Gamescom

Good News (for a change)! Blackenrock (TLC2) is coming late Summer, after a lifetime of stop/starts.

Currently the game resides on Steam, but boxed copies will be available too, if we get our timings right. Other digital stores are likely too. Also, if you're a preview writer, or want to feature the game, do let me or Iceberg Interactive know. The latter is best, as they are the official publisher, so get in touch! ;-)

I'm looking to push for a few localisations for the game, because our last game release only had one! It was a good one though, thank goodness. It was only subtitles and the in-game gfx, but it looked nice and was made and tested very well. The 'half localisation' is much cheaper than a full vocal cast translation (obviously!). So, I believe there should be a few languages, at least. A good subtitle translation can go a long way. So, make some noise if you want an official translation in your language, as sometimes they just don't happen. Or worse…