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Doctor Looe - The TARDIS arrives in Cornwall.

As a celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who, I snapped the TARDIS in and around a few Looe landmarks and locations. I've been watching the show since I was a nipper, 40 years ago. The good Doctor has visited Cornwall, on a few occasions, like The Stones of Blood, The Smugglers (filmed at Lizard and St.Grada Church) and Battlefield. The BBC also filmed a few non-Cornwall set stories too, such as Colony in Space and Curse of the Black Pearl. But, today, the Doctor popped by for a longer visit, to enjoy some sea air and fish & chips.

Arriving in the back streets of East Looe, the Doctor was puzzled why the air had a strong smell of English Breakfast.

'It's the lingering smell from the breakfast shift' said Sarah.

The Doctor looked puzzled, and frowned.

'Everyone eats English breakfast? At the same time?! That's very odd' he ruminated.

'The B&B's, Doctor! Bed and Breakfast. Egg's, bacon, toast.... Sausage?' teased Sarah.

 Time for a sp…