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Doctor Looe - The TARDIS arrives in Cornwall.

As a celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who, I snapped the TARDIS in and around a few Looe landmarks and locations. I've been watching the show since I was a nipper, 40 years ago. The good Doctor has visited Cornwall, on a few occasions, like The Stones of Blood, The Smugglers (filmed at Lizard and St.Grada Church) and Battlefield. The BBC also filmed a few non-Cornwall set stories too, such as Colony in Space and Curse of the Black Pearl. But, today, the Doctor popped by for a longer visit, to enjoy some sea air and fish & chips.

Arriving in the back streets of East Looe, the Doctor was puzzled why the air had a strong smell of English Breakfast.

'It's the lingering smell from the breakfast shift' said Sarah.

The Doctor looked puzzled, and frowned.

'Everyone eats English breakfast? At the same time?! That's very odd' he ruminated.

'The B&B's, Doctor! Bed and Breakfast. Egg's, bacon, toast.... Sausage?' teased Sarah.

 Time for a sp…

Making Cover Art - The Halloween Haunting

Cover Art - The Halloween Haunting

I had a bit of fun last night, coming up with some ideas for 'cover art' for The Halloween Haunting.

It's a digital download game, but it still needs a face. Of the experiments I liked, I found myself torn between two very different themes.

 Design One -

The Haunted House is the main location in the game; known as Keeper's Cottage, it's the only domestic building on Blackenrock Island. It was built for a slightly well-to-do landowner, who reared various breeds of sheep on the isolated lump of old Ulcombe. Some say those 'Ulcombe lot' were a bloodthirtsy bunch, enjoying a splattering of country pursuits; such as hunting, shooting, fishing. I imagine quite a few young lambs were enjoyed in the dining room of the small, Victorian house.

As a design idea, the abandoned house at Kynance Cove certainly looks like a 'haunted house'. Lots of people find the place quite fascinating, hidden away in one of the prettiest cove…

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