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Saxton: Up for sale!


After several months of mystery, the fate of Saxton’s ‘Harbour Cottage’, (home to ghost-hunter Nigel Danvers in The Lost Crown) has been revealed.

Studio Cottage, Polperro, is up for sale. For anyone that may be interested in viewing the place, I’ll mention that the interior of the cottage bears no resemblance to the fictional ‘Harbour Cottage’, (which is probably a very good thing!). Instead, it’s actually a rather tiny holiday cottage, with frilly florals and orange pine furniture; so it really couldn’t be more different to the dank, dark and rather miserable cottage, experienced by Nigel, during his adventures.

Click the image too see the 'sales' listing and interior photos.
Warning: Floral fabric and pine furniture may be seen.

I’m unsure how long the cottage will be available for, or whether the auction has come and gone, but if you’re in the area, and have a soft spot for Polperro’s most painted and photographed house, now is the time to make your move.

While wandering …