Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Saxton: Up for sale!


After several months of mystery, the fate of Saxton’s ‘Harbour Cottage’, (home to ghost-hunter Nigel Danvers in The Lost Crown) has been revealed.

Studio Cottage, Polperro, is up for sale. For anyone that may be interested in viewing the place, I’ll mention that the interior of the cottage bears no resemblance to the fictional ‘Harbour Cottage’, (which is probably a very good thing!). Instead, it’s actually a rather tiny holiday cottage, with frilly florals and orange pine furniture; so it really couldn’t be more different to the dank, dark and rather miserable cottage, experienced by Nigel, during his adventures.

Click to see the Sales Listing.

Click the image too see the 'sales' listing and interior photos.
Warning: Floral fabric and pine furniture may be seen.

I’m unsure how long the cottage will be available for, or whether the auction has come and gone, but if you’re in the area, and have a soft spot for Polperro’s most painted and photographed house, now is the time to make your move.

While wandering the streets, and photographing new scenes, for the next game (The Last Crown - Haunting of Hallowed Isle) I did notice that a LOT of Polperro is currently ‘For Sale’, which makes me fear for the future of the little harbour town. A series of wet summers, and decreased Winter visitors has seen the place suffer, both financially and spiritually. Polperro really is a ghost town, from November through to Easter, with over 50% of the houses empty, unlit and unloved.

Click to see the Sales Listing.

Obviously, you have to expect this for a holiday town, but it can be rather sad, and spooky, to approach the town from the coast path (past the little lighthouse), and see barely a light on in the cottages, during those long Winter nights. Perhaps I am na├»ve, but there is something very sad about a town being devoid of people and life, when it was once home to hundreds of people, busily going about their lives, and tending to one of Cornwall’s most famous working harbours. Modernity sees Polperro as the quietest it has ever been.

But, on a more cheery note, I have located new places for the game; if you refer to your handy ‘Pull Out Map’, you’ll see locations such as The School House, and The Hotel, listed. They never appeared in The Lost Crown, so will be making their debut in the sequel. The site for the School House was an easy find, as somewhere quite literal sprung to mind, and will work wonders to give this new location some atmosphere and period style.

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The Hotel was harder to locate. I wanted to avoid Victorian style buildings, after the horrors seen in Lost Souls. The Station Hotel is a very distinctive place, and quite hard to ‘get out of the head’ after spending a year re-creating it for the last game. So, a radical re-think was needed, and Polperro provided a suitable candidate. It’s actually a building you’ve seen before, several times, but I’ll be re-vamping the place to reflect it’s new ‘explorable’ status. Unlike The Station Hotel, this will be no ‘urban exploration’ through dank, nasty hallways; instead, it’ll all feel rather pleasant...until another murder occurs!