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Making Cover Art - The Halloween Haunting

Cover Art - The Halloween Haunting

I had a bit of fun last night, coming up with some ideas for 'cover art' for The Halloween Haunting.

It's a digital download game, but it still needs a face. Of the experiments I liked, I found myself torn between two very different themes.

 Design One -

The Haunted House is the main location in the game; known as Keeper's Cottage, it's the only domestic building on Blackenrock Island. It was built for a slightly well-to-do landowner, who reared various breeds of sheep on the isolated lump of old Ulcombe. Some say those 'Ulcombe lot' were a bloodthirtsy bunch, enjoying a splattering of country pursuits; such as hunting, shooting, fishing. I imagine quite a few young lambs were enjoyed in the dining room of the small, Victorian house.

As a design idea, the abandoned house at Kynance Cove certainly looks like a 'haunted house'. Lots of people find the place quite fascinating, hidden away in one of the prettiest cove…

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