Saturday, 28 February 2009

Treasure Island

Thank you to June for reminding me that I haven't told the Looe Island treasure map story. So, here goes...

There's an old story, about the island, that suggests a genuine 'treasure' map popped up in America, several decades ago. It was sold at auction, to a collector, who correctly presumed that the map must be of a 'real' island, so made efforts to find it. He eventually made his way to Cornwall, and found St.George's Island (Looe Island to locals). There was a definite X on the map, so he brought in a team to dig that area...near where Island House stands now (as seen in my Island video). Digging down, they found a huge stone, on its side. Lifting the stone, which took some effort, revealed a small hollow underneath, as if something was once stored there! But, sadly, the contents had long since gone...

...or so people thought, for many decades thereafter. But. It turns out that the stone IS the likely treasure of St.George's Island. It is an ancient stone, which was purposely buried by the ancient inhabitants of a small settlement, which once crowned the hill. Obviously, a stone is stone, no matter how many archaeologists and New Age Druids try to convince otherwise...but, there is the tantalising theory that the stone may have special properties (radioactive, Radon or magnetic etc etc) which would have drawn pagan pilgrims to the Island to marvel or worship the stone. The earth underneath the stone was in-situ, according to Time Team...which means it was an undisturbed layer. In other words, the stone was supposed to be there, and had definitely been placed there by mankind.

Looe Island There is a similar stone, (in scale and material), on the opposite side of the Island, which is also seen in the video (Emma Harry is looking at it, bemused). Is the Island some long forgotten, and ignored, ancient site of archaeological wonders? If so, how many other 'megalithic' wonders may lurk beneath the surface. And if that doesn't pique your interest, consider the fact that a large cavern exists on the west side of the island...which is large enough to fit a small galleon, and extends into the hillside...via a series of passages and tunnels. The Island has a genuine history of smuggling, pirates and nautical naughtiness. Treasure Island, The Goonies and Pirates of the Caribbean have nothing on Looe Island! So, if you are ever down this way, I highly recommend a visit.


P.s. I have big news to announce this next week. I've been rather quiet of late, but it's almost time to start shouting news from the rooftops!