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Christmas ‘Lost Souls’ Round Up

Christmas ‘Lost Souls’ Round Up

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the hotel, the creatures were stirring, to bring forth Hell...

Those haunting, ghostly figures have been busy, the last couple of weeks, as they drift across the Atlantic and English Channel, to a shelf near you! The ‘Lost Souls’ finally materialised, a bit later than planned, on December 4th, 2009. At last! Here’s a round up of what’s been happening, for anyone interested, or needing some extra info:

Trailer: The Station Hotel
"The teaser offers a taste of what to expect, or dread!, in Lost Souls. The old Station Hotel is an uncertain, fluctuating place, almost unable to decide what time it should be based in. Is it the neglected, forgotten place of our time, standing alone on the dges of town? Or is it a warm, inviting hotel; glowing with nostalgia, but hiding the true horrors of the 1940's? Beyond the long hallway, the hotel rooms hide all sorts of secrets..." - Jonathan Boakes December…