Blackenrock Late Summer + Updated Map + Gamescom

Good News (for a change)! Blackenrock (TLC2) is coming late Summer, after a lifetime of stop/starts.

Currently the game resides on Steam, but boxed copies will be available too, if we get our timings right. Other digital stores are likely too. Also, if you're a preview writer, or want to feature the game, do let me or Iceberg Interactive know. The latter is best, as they are the official publisher, so get in touch! ;-)

I'm looking to push for a few localisations for the game, because our last game release only had one! It was a good one though, thank goodness. It was only subtitles and the in-game gfx, but it looked nice and was made and tested very well. The 'half localisation' is much cheaper than a full vocal cast translation (obviously!). So, I believe there should be a few languages, at least. A good subtitle translation can go a long way. So, make some noise if you want an official translation in your language, as sometimes they just don't happen. Or worse, they do, and never get released.

Case Point: I heard from someone recently offering to translate TLC1 for me, in to Czech. A bit ironic, as a Czech version WAS made, but it seems to have disappeared without trace. It's a shame, 'cos it was finished. It just never saw the light of day.

I'm at the play end of Gamescon this year; but all play and no work makes me poor, so I'm looking to extend my dates backwards. So, if you see me (I'll be wearing Nigel's cap), do say hello and DEMAND some answers! Or, better still, come and have a play!

Also Lost Crown related, the (very) old interactive map was updated, using Google Maps, to include all the new locations. It's handy if you are doing the Crown Trail, or if you just fancy seeing what the places look like in 'real life'.