Halloween - Good News and Bad News / Bad News and Good News.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it has become obvious to both myself and Iceberg Interactive that we need more time to successfully promote The Last Crown, something which cannot be rushed. I'm also still hoping to record a couple of characters this autumn, who have so far eluded me. For example, Saxton Museum would not be the same without Mr.Oogle! Would it.
So, instead, I am more than excited to reveal a dedicated and new 'Crown' story specifically for Halloween 2013.

We enter the story on Halloween, inside The Bear Inn on Saxton Harbour. Night has fallen, the pumpkin jack-o-lanterns have been lit, Morgan has turned off the music and lit a roaring fire. Nigel is about to tell a creepy ghost story to those huddled in the bar. Those present, including ourselves, wait patiently as he begins the story.

'The Halloween Haunting' is a brand new ghost-hunting adventure, for Nigel Danvers and Lucy Reubans. It's a sizable game, with lots of locations, scattered across the Island known as Blackenrock. Part of the 'last of Ulcombe', Blackenrock is a rocky, desolate place, inhabited only by the ghosts of the past and a few, hardy sheep. 

A terrible tragedy occurred, on the Island, over a hundred years ago.  The inhabitants of 'Keeper's Cottage' met a horrible end, with some vanishing from history completely. Father, mother and one of their children, Edward, were found dead. The maid, and the other twin, Peter, disappeared, never to be seen again. Some say the maid, Anne Whittle, was a witch! Others suspect the master of the house, Mr.Bellamy, was conducting unnatural experiments involving the supernatural. Who was the 'gentleman' who visited Mr.Bellamy, at midnight, most evenings? What dark deeds did the two Victorian fellows discuss?

So far, the mystery has puzzled the people of fens. Like all good mysteries, the truth is out there, but without evidence nothing can be proved. Until now.

Using the brand spanking new 'GhostGadget' the brave ghost-hunters are on the case. They have persuaded Bob Tawny to take his boat, the Wild Spring Rose, out to sea, through the rocky remnants of Ulcombe. Bob really isn't overly happy about it, but with a little help from his ship mates, he successfully navigates the treacherous waters. They are all relieved to see the dark, looming cliffs of Blackenrock begin to appear through the fog. They've made it! 

Disembarking, Nigel is worried that Bob may not be able to collect them, later that afternoon. Dark clouds are forming, that the season alone, cannot explain.

It is a foggy, eerie, afternoon; Nigel and Lucy make their way across the shore to the old, empty house. It echoes with the deeds of the past, but also suggests a present danger. The place is derelict; falling to pieces, but still exudes an air of menace. No-one would really want to spend the night on the island, and certainly not in the old Victorian house. Nigel certainly doesn't relish the idea, even if Lucy thinks it would be great to do an 'all-nighter' (the na├»ve fool!). But, the weather takes a turn for the worse. Bob Tawny is unable to collect the adventurous twosome. 

So, with no means to return to the safety of Saxton, Nigel and Lucy must prepare to spend the night.

The game will be available as a DRM free download directly from me, and selected publishing partners, for $5. All sales will help get Last Crown properly finished and also fund The First Crown, the end of the Crown Trilogy.


P.s. See you at Halloween!