The Lost Crown - old Tech Demo - Download

Having a clear out in the Darkling Room, which meant looking through a few old drives.

I found an old tech demo from around 2008, for a 3D set version of The Lost Crown games. 


Found this today; A demo I built a loooong tme ago, somewhere between The Lost Crown and Dark Fall : Lost Souls. Download it now if you fancy trying it out.

Installer version

Just a Zipped version

The idea was to build 3D sets, more of an old RE style for the Crown games. The script was good, and eventually morphed into Ghost Vigil.

The 'Life Leech' makes it first appearance, unsurprising given the presence of the Dark Fall. The location is an old Boys School, ready for an investigation by Lucy and Nigel. The idea was to swap live, between the characters, hence the strange movements for Nigel in this demo. 


F1 to Quit

Click floor space to MOVE Nigel, and click arrows to change cameras. Nigel doesn't have to be in the scene to interact, as the idea was to use either character.

Click 'Play in a Window from Settings.exe for Widescreens. It's an OLD demo.

There's two puzzles, if you can find them. ;-)

I'm not offering any technical support for this demo, as A) it's really old and B) I'm going to bed.