Pitches for a Quick game. ;-)

Just an idea: Matt is still slaving working away on Blackenrock, and will be until the game is out, so I thought I might work on what my mother calls 'unfinished jumpers'. 

Basically, bits of games and demos from the last year. They are all small games. The extra time at home is good for finishing one, and releasing it. I can't decide which one. Matt has a favourite, but he's biased. 

So, I'll post some pics and vids of each one, and anyone interested can show an interest in either, all or none with a like or a love, or a comment on FB, Insta or Twitter.

Here are the nominees, for Quick Game in a month...


Displacement - The Moors

A kind of sequel to the Displacement (my first game, 1999), exploring the Moors and looking to escape the Shadow Dimension, a stitch in time. Enigma's and brain straining puzzles. An eerie atmosphere, with real locations photographed around Cornwall, including Caradon Hill, Davidstow, Goonhilly and St.Anthony's Lighthouse. Stalker-like atmosphere.

Displacement - The Moors


Looe Island Mystery - Working Title

1920's, a wealthy Gentleman has hidden on Looe Island, to find a Pirate Treasure, and filmed his adventure. A 'found footage' game, with ghosts and exploration, based around the treasure hunters 'filmed footage', discovered only recently, in modernity. Survivalist gameplay, with fishing, fossil hunting, astronomy and cooking. Lots of cooking. Lovecraftian elements. Period setting.


Midsummer Dig

A straight forward archaeology 'sim', set in a patch of idealised Cornish countryside (spookily empty). The game level is currently 3D (controller) but may be rendered out as 2D for the point'and-clickers. Tasks: Excavation and analysis, magnetometry, plot a trench, catalogue finds (treasures!), soil sampling, dendrochronology, ornithology, archaeobotany... and more. If you don't know what those words mean, you will by the end of the Course game. ;-)

Thanks for looking. Please free to SHARE, and post about my query. Basically, I've got a spare month, and would like to finish one of my 'demos' or unfinished projects. Matt Clark is finishing Blackenrock, as I cannot program code in WME very well. This gives me a chance to make something small, myself, very quickly. ;-) Thanks.