Walk - To Nelson, then Hannafore and a secret return.

To Nelson, then Hannafore and a secret return (round route, moderate, refreshments, Toilets = 2)

About 1 mile.

From Hideaway: Walk down Chapel Ground steps, turning left at the bottom, towards Prince's Square (pub, Spar). Pick up any refreshments for your walk.

Proceed to the Quay Side, and walk right, past the church along the Pennyland walk.

Toilet 1 - is next to the church, on the Quay.

Continue past the Sardine Factory, enjoying the waterside vibes. You will pass Nelson, the seal. He greeted us to Looe, many moons ago in the ferry, with a snort of his nostrils! Take a photo, everyone else does. ;-)

Continue along the walk, to the steps. Go up, and continue to The Tower. This is a good vantage point for a breather, and allows great views of the East Looe RNLI Station, as well as Little Pier.
Continue you up the hill, up Hannafore Lane, stopping to take in the views of the beach from the precipice. You are standing on the sea cave below, bridged by a series of arches built in the Victorian Era, connecting West Looe to Hannafore. 

Proceed along the road, taking a diversion to the 'look out' if you fancy. You are now in 'Hannafore'. While standing outside the Hannafore Point Hotel, face the sea and proceed down the steps, to the sea.

You will find, at the bottom of the steps, a nice long flat walk, all the way to the end of Looe itself. The 'Pinnacles' rock maze, from The Lost Crown, was photographed here; you can wander the rocks at low tide. 

Toilet 2 - The lower walk is a good length, passing toilets by the Coast Guard Tower (hexagon building).

You will have excellent views of the Island (St.George's) as well as refreshment opportunities at The Island Cafe, and the Kiosk (on the road level, there are steps and slopes at various intervals). I recommend a Cream Tea at the cafe, or an Ice Cream from the Kiosk. Or swip swap. The cafe is next to the Tennis Courts, so expect to hear the very pleasant plip-plop sound, of racket on ball in high season.

The quiet side of town, a lovely walk along Hannafore's 'sea wall'

To return to Hideaway, or West Looe, either retrace your steps, or take the secret route above town. Walking back, just before the Hannafore Point Hotel, take the road North off Marine Drive to Portuan Road, turn right, towards the Fieldhead Hotel. Pass the hotel, continue round the bend, and then follow the high lane all the way back to West Looe, popping out by the Fire Station. Turn left to return to Hideaway, or treat yourself in the Jolly Sailor. 

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Stay in West Looe, the 'quiet' side. ;-)