Walk - Mill Pool and the Kilminorth Woods - Looe

Mill Pool and the Kilminorth Woods (Mixed walks, short and flat, or long and hilly, toilets = 1)

About 2 miles.

From Hideaway: Head down Chapel Ground Steps, turning left at the bottom past the General Store, Pub and Spar. Head for the Quayside. Once you are beside the water, turn left, and head along the Quayside towards the Bridge. Do not cross the bridge, instead, pass through the rather creepy look tunnel underneath, that leads to the lower floor of the arcade. 

You can have fun in the arcade, get rid of your old 2p coins, or walk around the side of the arcade to avoid the noise and tourists. At the end of the arcade, head down the small road past the refreshment stalls and Chandlery shop. Turn left immediately after the Chandlery, to take a secret path down to the waterside, thus avoiding the Mill Pool Car Park. 

Toilet - You pass the back of the toilet block, situated in this end of the Car Park. There are no others until you return.

At the end of the small path, you will find benches with excellent view of the East Looe River, watch the trains come and go, or do a bit of bird watching. Pass the playground, and cross the little 'causeway' to the other side, taking in views of the creepy house in the woods, opposite. You can now walk all the way to the woods alongside the water.

The House in the Woods - Trenant Woods and Kilminorth Woods beyond.

This is an excellent location for bird watching, in ALL seasons. Watch out for the Kingfisher! You will also spot Cormorants, Egrets (like small white herons), Mallards, Curlews, Oystercatchers (long red beaks and feet) and many more.

Continue to the woods. Pass through the gate and walk the track down to the junction with the Bridge Way. It is at this point that you have three 'route' options to enjoy the ancient Woodlands. We have filmed MANY things here, so I recommend a nocturnal visit too, to soak up the atmosphere.

Routes: There is a short one, a long one, and an alternate return at High Tide. The lower path gets cut off. My advice, pick a route that suits you, there are benches throughout the woods for a rest, or just mooch around the greenery for while and wander.

Look out for the Giant's Hedge; it's an ancient earthwork, from an unknown time. Modern thinking is that it's a boundary wall, for an ancient clan, but a local poem suggests otherwise:

The Devil, one day, having nothing to do, built a wall from Lerryn to Looe.

The Giants Hedge looks like a high bank, to the your left, when walking part of the round route. Look out for the info signs, placed by the Friends of Kilminorth Woods. 

When you feel satisfied that your green batteries have been recharged, head back the way you came, alongside the river, retracing your steps to the arcade and the hubbub of Looe. 

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