Walk - Duloe Stone Circle, Church and river walk back to Looe.

Duloe Stone Circle, Church and river walk back to Looe.
(Toilets = none, ambitious walk, wellies)

6 Miles - Mostly down hill.

From Hideaway: Walk down the Chapel Ground Steps, head for the Quayside. Pick up any refreshments from the General Store or Spar, including fresh pasties. ;-p Continue to the Quay. The metal and glass building is called the Quayside Centre, and there's a bus stop to the left. Buses can take you to Polperro, Plymouth and Liskeard. You want the Liskeard bus, the 73.

Ask for a single to Duloe Church, and make a request to be told when you arrive, otherwise they may pass the place. If this happens, no worries, get off in Duloe Village and walk back, past the Stone Circle.

Duloe Stone Circle - Cornwall - Part of Hideaways longest walking route!

The Stone Circle: is located just off the main road, in between the Church and The Plough pub, Access is nestled between two houses. Look for the sign, or Stone House Farm. Spend some time at the circle, it's a very special place. A nearby info board is good for facts, but for now, know that the circle is 4000 years old, the smallest in Cornwall, and was last properly excavated by the Victorian vicars at the nearby church.

Jonathan Boakes at Duloe Church

The Church: featured in the Crown games, both inside and out, and is a lot older than people think. The tower foundations are Saxon, built on an ancient place of Worship. This is old land, you can feel it. The church is open for most of the year. 

Homeward: Leave Duloe by walking the lane that passes alongside the Church (NOT the main road), passing the Primary School and continue onwards down the lane. Soon, the lane changes into a track. Continue down the old track (old country lane, to the mills down below, now gone), until you get to the Ford (stream). This is a lovely spot to enjoy a pasty, if you're peckish, and look out for otters. I have yet to see one, but they are said to hunt these waters. 

The Ford: At the Ford, do not cross, instead, take the footpath on this side of the water, over the stile and the perpetually muddy puddle. ;-) Follow this path, heading East, alongside the river all the way to Sowden's Bridge. I won't add any spoilers for this walk, as it's best to enjoy the sights and sounds yourself. Take a break at the wonky tree. You might see a Red Kite here, as we have spotted them soaring over the green fields many a time.

Old Gate and Granite 'roller' at Duloe.
At Sowden's Bridge, turn right, passing the entrance to Hobbs Farm (Hobb, an old word for the Devil). Continue along the lane, do not take any of the right turns up to Pelynt, keeping the water to your left. You will pass the idyllic Trelawne Mill, an old Lime Kiln (worth the climb to the top) and eventually arrive at the beautiful Hamlet of Watergate. Don't expect to see many people, the cottages are all holiday lets, and empty most of the time, like a ghost-village, especially at night.

Watergate nr. Looe

At Watergate, leave the road by the water, and cross the little field and stepping stones. You have now entered the Kilminorth Woods. Follow the path, signposted, all the way back to Looe. Keep the water on your left, and you'll be back in 40 minutes, tired but rewarded. ;-) 

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