Some hints and tips for Dark Fall - Ghost Vigil

Some gamers are getting a bit stuck at the start of the game, so here’s some tips to get moving:

After logging-in to the OPG, you get a task list.

1 Detect 3 EVPs and decode them using the tablet.
2 Finish the ESP task 3 times.
3 Try the Spirit Board in Attic Room 2 once it is open.
4 On CCTV spot changes in Attic Room 1.
5 Use the Ghost Box in the Playground.
6 Baseline test the attic rooms, but detecting power sources like plug sockets and light switches. The cctv cams also count.

Also - Answer 7 questions from the OPG - however they will only ask questions if you have looked at the solutions (items around the room, like postcards and artwork).

You can also use the Walkie Talkie to try and reach Steve yourself if he hasn’t called you.