Dark Fall - Ghost Vigil - Thoughts

Hi all, super excited about tomorrow evening. It’s a genuine new Dark Fall game, with a creepy story, several stories really, when ghosts are involved. A lovely big location (creepy attics, echoing Hall, dark tunnels) and lots of nostalgic fun for adventure fans.

πŸ’ͺ🏼I’ve worked very hard on this game, which has high production values and thousands of hours of game development work. I really enjoyed it! But do understand that games are hard work. Often long lonely hours, in front of the LCD. But, I did got out a few times this Summer. 🌞

The production and success of this game directly influences the production of Blackenrock and the Crown games. There are several Crown references in Dark Fall - Ghost Vigil, and the character Nigel Danvers actually comes from the Dark Fall games, and will return to them, in time.

I’ve seen a few people commenting WHERE IS BLACKENROCK again, and WHY ARNT YOU MAKING BLACKENROCK??!! Well, dear, a production with 30+ fully acted 3D characters, with animations, is quite different to the production of a Dark Fall game (which has NONE). They are DIFFERENT. I started with the Dark Fall games, and they continue to sell well to this day. My evergreen ghost hunting games. Making a new one has been cool, something I can make on my own, and I’ve learnt new technology at the same time.

It’s good to be back! I love writing ghost stories and creating an atmosphere, so any support is good support. πŸ‘πŸΌ

See you soon ghost hunters! πŸ‘»