DFGV - Darkling names and whispered clues.

Adding some last/late minute creepiness to Dark Fall - Ghost Vigil.

I made a request, on Facebook, to see if anyone wanted to hear their name whispered by the Darkling in the new Dark Fall. The intro to the original Dark Fall ended with Pete Crowhurst stating "...it knows my name...". So, now it knows lots of others too.

 Originally the Darkling was heard on the phone and EVPS, a short of angry snarling ghost goblin. I received so many new names, I bumped up the script to add the new character of 'Matron'.

Come join the fun: https://www.facebook.com/DarkFallGames/

New names for the Dark Fall to feed upon...

Recording went went, even if it was a little warm (hottest day so far this year), in my airless 'Darkling Room'. Lorraine Hill, I know her as Mother, is perfect for the Matron and neatly ties in to TLC1. She plays Nanny Noah, "here you are", in the Crown games. Mum's done a lot of acting over the years, from Shakespearean yawn-fests in the 1950's to old dead ladies in my games.

Lorraine Hill (Nanny Noah)  - in Troilus and Cressida

Recording names for the Dark Fall...

I thought it would be fun to record some of the vocals via the old 'Bakelite Phone', which dates from the 1930's. It's a clunky, heavy handset, but it produces a very distinctive sound. In the past, I've usually used filters and effects to get the right sound quality, but there's nothing like the real thing, especially in a game about ghosts.

Ghost Hunting tool... the old Bakelite Phone.

We had a playthrough of Ghost Vigil, after dark, and my visitors were impressed. Comments included "sinister, creepy, full of detail" and something I wasn't expecting, "sympathetic". I do like my ghosts to have feelings. The game plays well and features some surprising activities for a 2D point-and-click adventure. It's also an isolating experience, even though there are characters to 'chat' with.

Girls Dorm - They liked to play games.

I think the DF's work best because they lack chatter and exhibit that 'empty world' quality the Myst games have. I like that. I don't like being rushed during adventures either, so no timed puzzles to get on your nerves. But, there is danger. The ghosts want to share their deaths with you, and that can never be good.

See you on the other-side (of the month),

P.s. I also met Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor Who), but dressed as Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters. It's been a weird month!

The 6th Doctor and new companion, Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters, at Geekfest2019, Heartlands. It was roasting hot.