Keeper's Cottage - A Haunting - Blackenrock Teaser

Ghosts! Who is watching who?

The teaser explores an idea I've been experimenting with for years (ever since DF1 really); what if ghosts know we are watching? What if the very gadgets we use to 'hunt' ghosts provide a conduit, a portal, to their world, the ghost world?! Imagine an existence that sits alongside ours, invisible, like dark matter, but it occasionally 'seeps' into our world, creating ghost sightings and apparitions.

Do we, in turn, appear in their world, the past? Perhaps our appearance generates the very story that we are investigating? Or, we cause some sort of chronological damage? A rip in time, that leaks and distorts the here and now, a connection with all times? Basically, rather than think of ghost sightings as one-off, or occasionally recurring events, think instead that the ghosts are there the entire time, all around us. You just need the right tech, the right place, the right questions, and those connections become stronger.

The School Room of Keeper's Cottage

I've been dabbling with ghost-hunting gadgets for over a decade, with varying success. The best 'hit' was with a basic EMF, just like the one featured in The Lost Crown. It had two settings, the first a kind of 'default' setting, where the unit only reacts in the presence of strong electromagnetic forces. Which is exactly what happened, except I was in a stony old church at the time, which you will know as 'Northfield'. It's typical of country churches, with little or no sources of artificial energy (Microwaves, LCDs, chargers). 

A puzzling message on the blackboard.

So, I was quite surprised to suddenly notice the EMF going off, even though I was not using it at the time. It was on the default setting, mentioned above. Second, the 'energy' actually moved down the aisle of the nave, for a good few metres before dissipating, near the Rood Screen. I tried to replicate the effect, walking up and down the aisle (Da Dum Da Da), but there was nothing. Not a single squeak from the EMF. 

Usually, when ghost-hunting, patience is key, but Keeper's Cottage is shockingly active.

To conclude, I have no way of explaining the energy source, why or how it moved and, of course, where it went?! Spooky stuff. After I've launched Blackenrock upon the world, I think I'll continue my ghost-hunting. After all these years, I am no closer to explaining supernatural phenomena than I was, say, 20 odd years ago, and I'm fine with that!


P.s. Full trailer soon! It's a Pathe News style clip, as T.V.E. News arrive in Saxton to interview ghost-hunter, Nigel Danvers. It's a three and half minute long epic and strained my PC to breaking point. Edited over the space of a weekend it was a blast to film, put together and orchestrate.