Big Apple & Japanese Dumplings

Big Apple with a side of Japanese Dumplings

Phew! It's hot in the city, and absolutely brilliant. Like any big city, it is impossible to see everything, you'd need to, in one weekend...but I'm trying!

So far, the adventure has been a naughty mix of total food indulgence,and clubbing till dawn; 90's hard house, in the gloriously named 'Meat Packing District'. Oh, and I took a peek at Times Square, Broadway and hid from the sun in Greenwich Village. All super.

Broadway was quite a surpise, actually. It has managed to retain a noirish 30's feel that felt very timeless. Christopher Walken and Lucy Liu were getting huge cheers, as they left thier respective shows...(no sneaking out of the rear stage door in this town!)

The scene was also enhancedby the pressence of the service personel (army, navy), who were gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend. They looked very fine, in thier uniforms and bright White caps, and managed to look very dignified, even after a few beers in the nearby Irish pubs.

As for today, it was an early start again, with iced tea in Madison Square Gardens. Very pleasant, and very cool. It's been scorchio the whole time I have been here, so that foggy afternoon in Looe seems a million miles away, and an absolute age ago. But, deep down I know those ancient, barnacle encrusted rocks are waiting for me...

...and Nigel.

So, thank you NY! And thank you USA, for making my time here so interesting, unforgetable, and gloriously different. I am ready to get to work now, the past is the past, and I am ready to look forward to the future. My trip here may have been for stressful reasons, but the outcome was good, and things look much brighter. Get me to a cab, I have a sequel to make!


P.s. Apologies for the quality of the photos, iPhone as 'camera' not so good!


GnP MMA said…
Glad to hear everything got worked out for the best and that you managed to have an awesome trip. My apologies for not being able to catch up with you guys while you were here. Things have been quite hectic for me as of late. Perhaps the next time! Safe travels back home and looking forward to more updates on the sequel!!
Stephanie Faith said…
Looks like you had fun in the Big Apple, I wish you a safe and pleasant return journey to Cornwall.

By the way...I left Lights Out (for some silly reason I couldn't get out of the cave) and then played Barrow Hill, and am now almost finished with Lost Souls. Just brilliant games, thank you for them. Yes, I like some of the other mainstream ones too, but yours are unique in that they are for the sense that the graphics aren't childish and the puzzles sometimes even too difficult! And, there is a real atmosphere like in films.

All the best - - - Stephanie Faith
Julie Gerber said…
I hope NYC treated you guys well! Are you safely back in Looe now?

James CW said…
Nice(if blurry) photos. I've not actually ever been to NY(Located as I am in the Rippin' South), and seeing it through your eyes was entertaining.

-James CW
Wombat said…
You're having a great time, I can see that! Bit different from Cornwall, eh?
TJ said…
That was amazing! :)
Next time, consider going for HDR shooting, specially at night. Well, in your case I guess you had no time I guess, since it needs a tripod and all that stuff and probably, with your case, you might wouldn't have thought about it at all.

Jonathan Boakes said…
Yeah, the iPhone is a rubbish camera, but ok for quick blog snaps. There are better pics on the Facebook including some of the Ghostbusters HQ!
Jessica said…
I'm glad you roamed NYC during your stay! I could never live in a city like that, but it certainly is a treat to visit. You should visit the Midwest and Southwest of the USA someday. I don't doubt you'd be quite pleased with the Rocky Mountains and other terrain you would find there.
Jonathan Boakes said…
Absolutely! It's good to be back... But, I hope to take a (much) longer trip over, once all my duties with The Last Crown are over. I think it's time to see loads more of the USA.
Tyz said…
So wonderful that you enjoyed being in NYC, least it seems you did!
I live in Texas here, and the farthest I've been up north is Pennsylvania. It was quite a sight, but I prefer to stick around my texas, in the cotton fields, gulf beaches, & anywhere there's some good country dancin'. Rofl!
Wanted to also say, cuz I believe this is my first comment on your blog, even though I've kept tabs for good awhile. .
That I love your work with the games, and your originality & depth with em all.
Hope I'm not being bothersome by commenting here. .
Fair the well and God Bless!
Fantastic to hear you have been energized and revitalized by your trip the the US! And the pictures were just fine as the iPhone has a really good camera considering it´s "just" a phone :) I wish you a very productive and exciting time with TLC sequel :)
Jonathan Boakes said…
Hi Tyz,

yeah, the NYC trip was the tip of the iceberg! But, I can't wait to get over, hire a car, and just drive! Drive! Drive! 

Once Nigel and Lucy are out in the world once more, exploring the world of The Last Crown, I shall take a long break, to plan my next move. So, watch out folks, the Englishman is coming, and he wants to find your ghosts!

Hi also Valentina,

I got a new App for the iPhone, which allows better focus, contrast and grading. So, the next batch of tourist snaps won't be so bad. But, thanks for your nice comment.

I'm thinking of making a game for the iPhone, oddly enough. I've had a look at the Myst port, and reckon I could create something quite immersive. Each scene would have to be self contained, or third person, but I think it's do-able. It would be fun to make use of the iPhones tilt and turn features too, and not just the 'get the ball through the maze' type stuff either. The CSI: Miami game has some really fun puzzles, so I believe the iPhone/iPad have a good future, when it comes to adventures.


p.s. Loving the summer!