Lucky Thirteen! The Lost Crown in the top 20.

Great news, sent to me via Lighthouse Interactive; The Lost Crown has entered the UK PC Games chart at number 13! With medieval II on one side, and the massive Crysis on the other. I am thrilled by the news. I hoped the game would get some recognition in Britain, but I didn't expect it to be a smash hit.

The chart can be viewed at
Chart Track.

Also, I did hear that my blog has been posted on some of the game forums, following my news of the next game. I hope people are excited, as I know the DF games have quite a following. It'll be great to get back to the series, as I have big plans for it. It is always waiting...

Lastly, the weather is amazing this week! The sun has finally remembered what season it is, so I've been out making plans in the church yard at Talland, and from deep within the Kilminorth Woods. It's so nice to get away from the glare of the LCD, and make some notes on paper. It reminds me of the old days, scribbling notes, for Dark Fall, on my waiters note pad. I pretty much thought up the whole game while serving sushi in Central London. How things have changed!

The nice thing about making/keeping paper notes is the chance to rediscover them, years from now. A bit like that feeling you get when you open an old game box, stuffed full of old gameplay notes and odd doodles. They can be priceless! I found an A4 the other day, waffling on about "Seven Sacrifices for the soul"...I have no idea which game it refers to, but it made interesting reading. Any strangers finding those scraps would think me utterly insane!


P.s. If anyone is reading my blog; do post a comment, as I'd love to get feedback, now and then.


Anonymous said…
fawn is super-creepy, dolls in general terrify me! If you add that to any games, you'll have me screaming!
Anonymous said…
Creepy fawn, but dolls in general terrify me. Add dolls to your game...I'll be screaming